it's like, whatever dude!


lot of people on here care too much about their anesthetic.  just let the doctors take care of it

What's wrong with marina not liking nicki??

cus nicki is a god


"Why don’t you talk to me anymore?"

i have to be at the airport at like 4 tomorrow ughhhhhhhhhhh


i wear the chain wallet in this relationship

It feels like Richard Dawkins was well intentioned, but didn't understand the implications of what he was saying. Comparing types of rape takes away the severity of one type (even when it's acknowledged that both are bad). How would he know what any of it like?

i don’t think he means well at all. he’s a dumb ass white dude that other dumb ass white dudes fucking love and think he’s the shit so he thinks he can say whatever the fuck he wants. like he’s so fucking shitty and dumb idk why some people treat him like a god…oh wait he doesn’t believe in god how fucking edgy and cool of him



it's not rape if you're both crying

you’re gross as hell go back to reddit and complain about how girls don’t like you